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Consumer Application

Kanga’s iOS and Android apps are powered by Ruby on Rails for scalable, modular functionality. Platform updates and improvements can be deployed across the entire network without interrupting service for any user groups. With over 99% uptime in the last 24 months, Kanga’s robust technology is designed to serve a global audience. The application includes the following modules:

  • Order Creation – create deliveries from your device
  • KangaChat – message your driver in real time
  • KangaTrack – View your driver’s location on a map
  • DriverTrust Credentials – Provides trust and confidence by verifying driver identity within the app
  • KangaSnap Photos – Drivers send photo verification to users and dispatchers to confirm delivery

Driver Application

The Kanga Driver application for iOS and Android powers the core of Kanga’s logistics platform. Drivers can view, offer service, and accept jobs from their mobile devices. The fully white label friendly application provides a one-stop solution for hiring and training drivers, and managing existing fleet and delivery assets. The Kanga Driver Application includes the following modules:

  • Driver Documentation Collection
  • Driver Motor Vehicle History and Criminal Background Checks
  • Driver Training

Web Application

Our web portal is designed to give desktop users the same visibility, control, and user experience provided by the mobile applications. The web portal enable business users, dispatchers, and traffic managers a global view of their organizations on-going and historical delivery operations, and is suited to individual users, as well as SMB and enterprise clients.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard provides business users, dispatchers, and traffic managers a global view of their organizations on-going and historical delivery operations, and includes robust reporting, driver management, accounting, and payment tools. The admin can interface with email marketing, CRM, and accounting software to solve any business’s specific use-case needs. The Dashboard provides a complete view of your organization’s logistics landscape. The admin dashboard includes the following modules:

  • Dispatcher View
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Organization and Group views/access limits
  • Driver Location Tracking
  • Coupons and Promotional Tools
  • New User Referral System
  • Marketing Tools
  • CRM integration
  • Adjustable Payment Settings & 3rd party integrations
  • Customizable Reporting

KangaCrowd Hiring Suite

The KangaCrowd systems streamlines candidate applications for a wide range of crowd-sourced companies, including Kanga, Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, and more. The Hiring Suite provides sharing economies with a valuable tool for driving service provider acquisition and retention. The KangaCrowd tool includes the following modules:

  • Driver Onboarding
  • Motor Vehicle History and Criminal Background Checks
  • Direct API integration with popular crowd-sourced labor suppliers
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Marketing tools to drive service provider acquisition
  • Referral and incentive tools to help providers encourage new applications

The Kanga Delivery Network

The Kanga Delivery Network connects all components of the Kanga Platform. The network enables companies of any size to access Kanga’s proprietary software to create, manage, and profit on local delivery. The system is provider agnostic, and allows companies in any vertical to integrate their labor pool into the Kanga Network to increase profits and drive new revenues by leveraging their existing resources to complete on-demand local deliveries. The Kanga Delivery Network includes:

  • Robust API integration tools
  • Customer selectable fleet styles (internal, external/3rd party, crowdsource, or a mix of all three)
  • Reporting and payment management
  • B2C Promotional tools
  • B2B Sales tools


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