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Kanga Technology provides travel and hospitality suppliers with a white label solution that drives customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our proprietary hosted technology gives airlines, hotels, venues, and others within the travel and hospitality industries a way to better serve their customers through the power of on-demand local delivery.  
From “surprise and delight” items delivered to high value customers, to retrieval of lost items like luggage and electronics, to on-demand delivery of business supplies and other necessities for travelers, our platform provides a unique way to serve the ever growing demand for “get it now” customer service.



Web Platform

Kanga’s web-based delivery platform gives your customers an intuitive interface that provides an excellent delivery experience anywhere globally. The web platform can be fully white-labelled into your existing web properties to give your customers a seamless brand experience.

Mobile Application

The Kanga mobile application for iOS and Android gives mobile users a convenient method for accessing their local delivery information on the go. Like our web platform, our mobile applications can be designed to fully meet your specifications, giving your customers another opportunity to experience your brand on their device.


Kanga for Airlines

  • Automated Lost & Found matching and delivery
  • Revenue generating baggage pick-up and delivery
  • Delightful on-demand local delivery of mishandled baggage
  • Airline Crew and Employee concierge application
  • Uses airline owned or contracted fleet, or Kanga Driver Network

Kanga for Hotels

  • “Wish Anything” Concierge application
  • Automated Lost & Found matching and delivery
  • Integrate with hotel shuttles
  • Hotel Employee Concierge application

Kanga for Venues

  • On-demand delivery for performers and support staff
  • Lost & Found matching and delivery for guests
  • Ticket and promotional item delivery
  • Logistics support for high volume events

Kanga for Cruiselines

  • Baggage pickup & Delivery for passengers
  • Lost & Found matching and delivery at local port or abroad
  • Concierge application for passenger surprise & delight
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