The Kanga Platform

Kanga provides enterprise software for a wide range of customers. Our platform provides powerful software paired with a wide reaching network of service providers. No other local logistics company offers the depth and breadth of the Kanga platform.

Our crowd-sourced local-delivery subsidiary, Kanga Delivery serves thousands of customer in North America, SE Asia, and Africa, providing a mobile-first local delivery experience that makes delivery of any item a better experience for shippers, drivers, and most importantly, the customers.

Our Kanga 4X product provides existing businesses and startups a turn key solution for creating a local-delivery service. Entrepreneurs can launch new businesses, complete with iOS, Android, and web apps in as little as six weeks, including a field ready delivery team in any market around the globe, thanks to the power of the Kanga Delivery Network, a fleet of over a thousand providers, and growing around the world.

The Kanga platform connects all three of these verticals, creating a robust suite of logistics tools for businesses ranging from sole proprietor to global Fortune 100 partners. Simply put, Kanga Technology is the operating system that drives local delivery.


Global Driver Network

The flexibility of the Kanga Delivery Network gives businesses instant access to a fleet of thousands of drivers around the globe. Kanga Technology doesn’t simply provide software, our platform gives business customers the complete life-cycle of services and labor.

Enterprise Services

Kanga Technology’s Enterprise platform connects any party that requires local delivery with a network of service providers via a robust suite of tools designed to help businesses optimize delivery efficiency and maximize revenues.

Unrivaled Technology

The Kanga Delivery Platform is the world’s most advanced, flexible, extensible platform for managing, and distributing local delivery demand. Kanga Technology aggregates global delivery demand, and matches it against service provider availability. This technology enables both delivery demand, and delivery providers to stay balanced, and in concert, providing a more reliable solution, and a higher degree of customer service and satisfaction.

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